Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Photo courtesy of Ian Livingston

We all make them and we all break them!
But, this year I promise I will try to keep mine.
So here goes, it is in writing so I have to do it-right?

Lose weight.
So you thought I really looked like my Facebook picture? Ummmhhh yeah right!

Photo courtesy of Jason

Network More
Networking is good for all my businesses-as an antiques dealer, freelance writer, and job hunter (public relations)

Write thank you notes
I am from the South and this is ingrained in me. My Mother sends me boxes of cards and they are ever at the ready. But, do I use them? Nope, never. This has to change.

Photo courtesy of the V & A Museum in London

Photograph and upload at least one item a day to my website.
I have many fabulous antiques and vintage finds that are not my on website at that I am sure someone is dying to buy. I need to get them up there-you can't buy them if they aren't there to sell!

There is probably a 5th one, but four is already too many so I will stop.

Happy New Year!
I hope all your wishes for 2011 come true

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daytrip to Beaver Creek Mall and An Auction

A friend and I drove to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to check out an auction and on the way stopped at Beaver Creek Antique Mall in Hagerstown, Maryland. This mall has long been a place to pick up antiques at close to wholesale prices. I have found many things here in past years. The staff at Beaver Creek are knowledgeable and have an "eye." The Christmas and Holiday booth, back in the corner, is always fun and has so much!

Bottle Brush Trees

More Bottle Brush Trees

Jimmy Creamer's Booth-Fabulous!
Note the applique pillow case.

The Auction

Early Hoover electric cigar lighter-perfect condition in original box.
But, this little lighter is the only electric object in a folk art auction.

I love this red and white barber pole!

A very nice Pennsylvania cupboard

Always fun to see one of these spinning wheel chairs-A Colonial Revival icon

Sewer Owl in perfect condition

A box of miniature sheep

A pin cushion with stuffed dog and a toy puppy.

An geometric hooked rug worked with wide strips of wool-reminds me of a Frank Stella painting.

Piles of quilts, most made in Pennsylvania.

This auction featured the estate of  a recently deceased antiques dealer around York, Pennsylvania. I put in an absentee bid on a nice Tinsel painting-Still waiting to find out if I got it.

The auction was listed on http://www.auctionzip/, my favorite place to find great local auctions!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Someone Is Really Reading This Blog!

Good News!

When you write a blog you never really know if anyone is reading it, unless they post a comment. Since very few people actually take the time to sign in and post something, I usually feel like I am writing this just for myself. It takes a lot of determination and tenacity to keep on writing and posting and hoping that someone is reading it and hopefully enjoying it, identifying with something I have written, learning something, or even just getting pissed off at an opinion or my lack of taste. I'll take any of the above.  
These female art students at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden have NOT read my blog!

Unfortunately, I am not as tenacious about The Antiquer as I would like, especially since I began writing for DESIGNinTELL at in July and for in August. Both sites, along with my antiques business and public relations clients, keep me busy.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying The Antiquer had been included in a list of the 50 Best Antiques Blogs on the web. It actually came in at #26. Well, I can do better than #26-- so now I am challenged and inspired to write more and more often.

An art student at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee.

The second best thing about this acknowledgement, the first being the validation by others, is that it was awarded to my blog by a website called, Although I am not an artist, I am in admiration of all those who are. Art, in all its mediums, has always been vitally important to me and a big part of what I believe makes one truly have a full and deep life.

For those fortunate enough to have been given a talent, it is imperative that that talent be nurtured. What better way than art school? This website gathers together information to help artists select the right school for them.

Young artists showing their work
I am grateful for the recognition and will work hard to next get in the top 10 next year!

Here is what they had to say about The Antiquer:

The Antiquer: “Adventures of an antiques dealer” brings an extremely knowledgeable eye and savvy to readers who may not know quite as much.”