Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rodarte Fall 2012-Forties and Fabulous!

Laura and Kate Mulleavy, designer sisters of the collection Rodarte, are about the most exciting designers to come along in a long time-except for Mary Katranzou, of course. 

Their Rodarte Fall 2012 collection is simply scrumptious. I want every single piece-and the body to go with them!

According to Sara Mower at, the Mulleavy sisters Fall Collection was inspired by the 1940s and Australia.  This is certainly evident, but not in that tired, caricaturist way that  designers usually use. No gigantic Joan Crawford shoulder pads here! These clothes are wearable and pretty.  

The sisters used a deep rich rust sometimes combined with black, and often with a pretty blue. Wide lapels, deep open armholes, soft boxy tops, double-breasted coats and jackets, and light swinging skirts, the 40s influence is not subtle here. But, divine it is!

Pretty blue belted jacket that just melts in your mouth

As a child I saved and preserved my mother's old clothes, (I was a curator even then) especially those from the 40s and 50s. Lucky me that my mother has always been a hoarder so there is plenty of vintage in her closet. One of my favorites is a deep rust wool dress from the late 40s that would fit right in with the Rodarte collection. My mother's dress has ¾ inch sleeves, a peter pan collar, is fitted at the waist with a bias-cut skirt that slightly swirls when you move. There is a double row of buttons down the front and deep pockets with wide cuffs at the openings.  

Claret, the hot color for fall 

Soft swinging skirt with a big comfortable sweater

Black and Rust-perfect!

The pinafore bodice is not my favorite, but  the more I look at it the more it grows on me-and I can see it on a younger person. The aboriginal design is fun.

Has an Art Deco feel.

This is the prettiest dress of the season.

Amazingly beautiful. Reminds me of those wonderful confections seen on Katherine Hepburn and Carol Lombard in the movies of the mid 30s.

The lightness of the fabric is what I love about this one. 

Kate and Laura Mulleavy 2012

All images are courtesy of Check the collection out there for more beautiful designs. I love the sisters website at Take a look.