Thursday, October 29, 2009

Howl-O-Ween at the Local Pet Store

Last week, the boy and I took the beagle to our local big box pet store for their annual Halloween party and parade. We walked the 5 blocks. He was wearing his father's Halloween costume from 1992 and I, well, I wore a pair of really comfortable shoes.

The boy with the beagle

The boy's father with his sister on Halloween in 1992. He is wearing a costume made by his grandmother.

The boy met a chocolate lab who was going to the party. She was dressed as an out-of-work college student from Notre Dame.

There were lots of treats, for dogs, cats and kids.

Another boy was interested in the treats.

This greyhound happily wore the pirate hat for the entire party.


Greyhounds always remind me of deer.

So pretty.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Cute little devil!


The beage barked for 2 hours. I'm surprised they didn't kick us out.

Patriotism was a big theme this year.

This little patriotic princess was escorted by an owner dressed head-to-toe in "Hello Kitty."  

She also brought a cat.

Really cute puppy.

Another cute puppy.

This one just got a new collar.

This dog was so tolerant--note the little legs.

He was miserable.

The great pumpkin.

Are those goggles?

She loved her grass skirt!


The beagle back at home.

Happy Halloween!

The Antiquer

All photographs by the author

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chicago's Broadway Antique Market

I just returned from visiting my daughter in Chicago and while there I discovered a fabulous antique emporium--Broadway Antique Market. It is packed-full of mid-century modern treasures. My sister contemplated purchasing a lucite sculpture until she realized she had no way of getting it home. The Broadway Antique Market has everything from the most amazing costume and sterling silver jewelry to furniture designed by some of the icons of the 20th century.

A section of the window display-very sophisticated. I adore the floor lamp.

The wall shelf on the left and the pair of prints on the right would look great in my living room.

I really wanted this wire poodle magazine rack. Very cool!

And how about this fabulous chair?

I picked up a small 1950s cat wire mail sorter--I have been looking for one of these for years. It is adorable--I want more!

The staff is helpful and all seem to have expertise in a wide variety of 20th century decorative arts. Also, they are funny and seem to really enjoy their jobs. If you are in Chicago, check it out. You won't be disappointed. 6130 N. Broadway, Chicago, Illinois, 60660, 773-743-5444