Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Year of Thanks 2009

Following are just some of the people and events that I am thankful for this year.

New business

I did my first Antique Show this year.
Antiques Heyday in Leesburg, Virginia.

Caroline completed her first year at Loyola in Chicago

Gabriel and family moved closer to me and he started first grade at Seneca Academy in Darnestown, Maryland

Here he is with Alex, his cousin learning how to clean fish with Uncle George.

Andrew, the cutest baby in the world. He will be one in December.

Morning Glories everywhere-I love my garden.

Sarah, 15 years-old.

Beautiful Nicole in Seaside, Florida.

Gabriel films his first commercial at Mr. Jimmy's

Gabriel and family at dinner

Paco and Tommy--The boys

Ahh, the moon flowers on the front porch

My Mother, 85 and still cuts down trees.

Memphis Barbecue

April, the prettiest conservative blogger in Tennessee.

Gabriel's first day of school

Old friends-Evelyn and Drew. Congrats! You graduated from Maryland and our man is in the White House!

Lola, 11 kittens in one year.

Catfish dinner with family

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful friends

Buying jewelry in New York City

Thanksgiving Tradition: Thanksgiving Day with the Potomac Hunt

Old Mexican jewelry

The greatest guy with the biggest fish

1950s fabrics

Fun times

Remembering Douglas

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Theta Show in Houston, Texas

They say that Texas hasn't been hit as hard as the rest of the nation by the recession. I concur. According to sales at the Theta Antique Show in Houston last week this seems to be true. Some dealers sold little, but others did very well. I assisted Stella Rubin and we sold a large number of American quilts and fine gold jewelry.  Those Theta's love their gold and diamonds! 

Stella Rubin in front of a dazzling Mariners Compass quilt at the Theta Antique Show

The hooked rug on the back left wall is dated 1942-1945--the War Years. Fabulous! 
We sold fine gold jewelry, all 14 carat and up and most was created mid-20th century. I had my eye on a black resin ring with a huge turquoise stone surrounded by diamonds--it sold very quickly. Everyone looked at the Elizabeth Locke earrings (3 pairs)  which were a third of the price of new ones--but they didn't sell. If you love Locke's jewelry check out Stella's web site at 

Stella playing with her jewelry on the first day.

The French Jaspe pottery  sold very well--most went to a second home in Colorado. 

I can just see this Victorian carved wooden mirror in a Texas Hacienda. 

This crazy quilt is the best I've ever seen-and I have seen a lot! It is extraordinary. The  detail and variety of designs are just amazing.  This was the blockbuster object in the show.

These piles were noticeably smaller at the end of the show.

Loved this giant lock.  More Jaspe.

Stella will be exhibiting at Wilton, Conn in early December then at TAAS in New York in Janurary.

All photos by the author.