Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something To Crow About: My latest on DESIGNinTELL

If you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the antique shows in New York during the "antique season" then you need to read my latest article at DESIGNinTELL, the blog at

VandM (Vintage and Modern) is the antiques marketplace where I keep my shop. There are around 150 dealers that sell just about everything. It isn't a flea market-like site-there are some pricey goods there. These dealers are a sophisticated bunch.

DesignINTELL, the blog, covers everthing from art exhibitions to top ten lists of the latest trends in fashion and design. I am one of six writers. I write about objects and events. I recently posted about The American Antiques Show, the top folk art venue in the country and my favorite show.

On the other hand the Winter Antique Show is considered the nation's top high-end antique show, but you have to be a gazillionaire or be buying for a museum to purchase anything. However, it is great fun to see what is selling and to study pieces in person, but I would rather hang with the folk art crowd.

Folk Art is fun! And surprising. Who would expect to find exquisite gold and silver jewelry-and it isn't costume-at a folk art show. These dealers always bring the unexpected to this show. And , of course because it is in New York there are usually celebrities. Some attend the preview-Martha and Bunny almost always, but others shop at off hours like early morning when it has just opened or between 4 and 6 when everyone else is just getting home from work and thinking about dinner. The show stays open until 8 each night. Here are some highlights of objects I loved that were not included in the post I wrote for DESIGNinTELL.

A glass bead necklace in various shades of red. Made in Venice in the 1910s. Offered by Leah Gordon.

The lovely Ben, showing Roy Roger's mexican-made cowboy wrist-watch at Stella Rubin

A gate or piece of fence found in Virginia at the booth of Stella Rubin.

A group of homemade stuffed animal toys from Jeff and Holly Noordsy
More adorable homemade toy animals at Stella Rubin

A rose gold, diamond and ruby wide bangle from Stella Rubin
It is not a cuff, which has an opening. A bangle has no opening.
A bowl of balls at Jeff and Holly Noordsy

Antique bottles at Jeff and Holly Noordsy
Holly Noordsy
TAAS 2011


Beautiful appliqued table cover at Jeff and Holly Noordsy

Fabulous! An art deco desk at Cherry Gallery. Price? VERY EXPENSIVE!

The back is made of pieces of old shipping crates.

The adorable Scott Sanderson, designer, signing his new book Picture Perfect. Next to him is Marcy Carsey, signing her book Unfinished. These are two of the nicest people. Extraordinary talent and extremely down-to-earth.

An iron shell unbrella stand at Leatherwood. The coolest umbrella stand ever! Look at the tiny turtle feet.

Turtle Feet

This is the only cigar advertising quilt that I have ever liked. The composition is nice and would look great in a modern interior. At Roberto Freitas.

At Roberto Freitas

At Jeff Bridgeman
These would look awesome on a mantle.

All photographs by the author

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