Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hermes Scarves

Hermes Classic Design: Part I

Recently, I was lucky to find 11 vintage Hermes scarves in perfect condition. They were previously owned and worn by one of the most beautiful and stylish person that I have ever known. Perfect taste and a classic mid-century style was how I remember her. Allison was her name and I will write more about her in a later post.
That Allison had fabulous style is evident by the scarves she purchased from Hermes from the 50s through the late 70s. Some of the most elaborate designs were created by artists for Hermes in the early 60s. Exotic, with surprising details, they illustrates why Hermes scarves were sought after and worn by royalty and style makers alike. Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie Onassis are two names that come to mind.

According to a recent issue of Vogue, fashionable women are not just wearing scarves tied around their necks, but they are tying them on their purse or turning them into a purse. My all-time favorite way to wear a Hermes scarf is to tie it into a halter top. Worn with a great pair of pants, it is a fabulous summer look.  I have a vague memory of wearing a scarf of my Mother's tied into a halter in the 70s.  
All of the scarves shown below can be found on my website within the next few weeks. Note the amazing details. 


Navy, taupe and creamy white

Louis xiv 

Aren't you just dying to see the entire design?

Turquoise, gold and gray- a magnificent color scheme

This border design is so classical and reminds me of images in the design guides published in the late18th and early 19th centuries.

Early 60s design

This one is in the richest rust. I can see it worn with a beautiful creamy-colored wool dress, perhaps a vintage dress by Norrell or Scassi.

My favorite image on this scarf.

Riding a dolphin!

Is it surrealism?

The designer signature

Photographs by Nancy Gibson

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