Sunday, March 31, 2013

Antiques at Heartland East in Maryland

There were first rate dealers at the 2nd Heartland East Antique Show--they were selling mostly Americana. In spite of the fact that the show was a feast for the eyes and the offerings appeared to be new to the market, sales were slow and many dealers said they  would not be coming back. Some had traveled all the way from Maine and Northern Ohio to sell at this one day show. Not really worth the trouble, was a refrain I heard! Attendance was so low that when I was there it was virtually empty of customers

This was definitely a retail show-prices were not bargains, but bargains were to be had-if you asked. I would like to see this show survive, but I am not hopeful. Where were the customers?

Scroll down to see some of my favorite items from the show. 

 Colorful and sweet. Perfect hanging over a table displaying these carved birds. 

Some of you may recognize this beautiful whole cloth chintz quilt (glaze is still perfect) from the McCarl sale a few months ago. The print is the iconic pheasant and palm tree pattern on a rich reddish brown ground. The quilt is large and has foot corner cutouts for a post bed-de rigueur for fashionable beds pre-1820s. The backing is a wonderful striped and printed cotton. It was documented in the Pennsylvania state project. This quilt is being offered by Patricia Clegg Antiques. Her email is 

Hooked rug is also from Patricia Clegg Antiques.

 A nicely mounted beaded picture.

 A large lot of rag rugs-perfect for covering a room wall-to-wall, but if you just need one for stairs or a hall this one is better and retains the colors.

Stone fruit, everyone was selling it but no one had prices on it,  is popular, especially on One Kings Lane.

Great gardening stuff here.

 I love silvered glass and this group was fabulous.

Cornish ware from Judith Lesser 

All photography is by moi, with permission from the dealers.


  1. Beautiful items, especially the whole cloth chintz quilt. Did you see any patchwork pillowcases?

  2. I did not see any patchwork pillow cases, but I saw a nice framed c.1800 patchwork pocket (no ties.) Also, since most of the dealers sell Americana someone may have them, just not for sale at this show.I will scan and post the dealer list sometime this week.

  3. Here is a link to the exhibitor list.