Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess What I Found at the Salvation Army?

Irish Marble Top Console
Clinton Howell Antiques
Right before Thanksgiving I dropped by my local Salvation Army store to look for inexpensive furniture to use for display when I exhibit at antique shows. In the office section I found a rather nice metal console-it was $30. Perfect! The mid-century modern glassware would really stand out against the gunmetal black. 

This got me thinking about the various styles of consoles and how they are used. I like the idea of having a convenient place to put small things, like keys, when I come in the front door. Also, this is the first thing people see when they come in my house. So it has to be a show stopper--something fabulous!


Elle Decor has a great article in this month's issue highlighting the 10 Best Consoles--and what do you know, but there is an identical console to my "find" at the Salvation Army. It is the 3rd down on the left.

Who knew Bottega Veneta made furniture? Their description describes mine exactly. Note the bottom of the legs--very stylish and just like mine. But, the price is not like mine.
Mine= $30
Bottega Veneta= $6,400

Here are some other consoles, if you are looking for one.

Ad in Architechtural Digest
  Osbourne and Little

Paul McCobb Console
Photograph from Rago Auction catalogue

French Marble Top Console
AD, Photographer, Steven Brooke

Antique Workbench
AD July 2009, Photographer David O. Marlow

Antique Piano
From English Country:Living in England's Private Houses 
by Caroline Seebohm and Christopher Sykes, photographer, 1987

This is my favorite!
A ghost console in Lucite

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