Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Eye Candy

This is not exactly the kind of eye candy I want to see on Valentine's Day. It is just a little too cute. I love over-the-top beautiful! Or, at the least, interesting. Nothing too trite or smarmy, like this Needlecraft magazine cover from 1940.

Illustration by Rene Gruau 
for cover of Madame Figaro, 1990
 Christian Lacroix Collection

Now, this is more my kind of eye candy. I hope the following images delight and inspire your imagination.

Photoplay Magazine, 1932

 Perfect face, perfect nails, and perfect jewelry.
This is Constance Bennett, the actress.
Really, did women ever look like this?

From Les Enluminures Gallery, shown in Art and Antiques, Jan., 2010

Speaking of jewelry....
Rings for the Gods. 
I will take any or all.

No one ever crafted a more perfect daisy.
Made by Alexander Calder.

This is, by far, the most perfect silver bracelet ever made. It is called the Matchstick Bracelet and was made by Antonio Pineda, Mexican silver master.

The Four Elements by Paul Manship

Sexy Art Deco!
Two of four panels made for the A T & T building in New York, 1914. These panels were offered for sale by the Gerald Peters Gallery in NYC during the Winters Antique Show.


Speaking of sexy... Love this perfectly pink coat.

Every time I see this dress I think of a paper-cut valentine.

Perfectly Serene
An Asian-inspired bed

Chinoiserie chic
I like shiny stuff.

A perfectly simple living room

An Ikat Valentine

If I sent you Valentine card, this would be it. 
 Vogue cover, Salvadore Dali, 1939

A yummy mule from Godey's, 1852
Would Manolo Blahnik please make me a pair just like this?

French chic, 1930-style
Vogue 1930
The photographer is Baron Adolphe de Meyer and the model is Helen Lee Worthing.
De Meyer was known for trying to capture an ideal of perfect feminine beauty and romance as well as pure luxury. 

20th century baroque by Cecil Beaton, photographer
 Model Mary Taylor for Vogue, 1935.
Her dress is by Chanel.

This is probably my favorite Vogue photograph ever.
The photographer is Irving Penn and the model is Jean Patchett. It has been said that this photograph changed the way Vogue showed fashion. It was 1949 and the location was Lima, Peru. 

Hooked Heart, Mary Sheppard Burton, Photograph courtesy of the author

Have a Happy Valentine's Day. 


The Antiquer

Photographs from: In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine; 100 Years of Fashion Illustration; Silver Seduction; Calder Jewelry; Godey's Lady's Book; Elle Decor Magazine; House Beautiful; Needlecraft Magazine; Photoplay Magazine 

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